Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Economy and Development: System Policy Principles of Economic Policy

Thesing, Josef, Economy and Development: System Policy Principles of Economic Policy, Germany: v. Hase und Kohler, 1979.

From the Preface:
The Konrad Adenauer Foundation hereby puts forward a publication containing contributions by German experts on certain fundamental questions of economic policy. It is our hope that this English publication will make a contribution to the debate, that it will make available to the interested reader in other countries experiences, problems, developments and concepts encountered by us in the Federal Republic of Germany. And it is our hope that this book will find attentive and critical readers.

I should like here to express my most cordial gratitude to Professor Anton Rauscher, the Director of the Catholic Central Office for Social Sciences in Monchengladbach who so kindly granted us the translation rights for the articles by Josef Oelinger, Albrecht Langner, Johannes Messner, Ulrich Wagner and Bernhard Kulp, published in the series of his research institute. With special gratitude I here recall Professor Alfred Muller-Armack, the great German economist who died on 16th Mar 1978. He had readily given his consent to the translation of his articles, largely becauss his international work had led him to realize the impotance of an international exchange of ideas.

Professor Watrin's article was first published in German in "Der Spat kapitalismus und sein Publikum" Stuttgart 1976. I should liks to thank the publishers and Protessor WatHn for allowing it to be translated.

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